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Before You Leave

Here are the preparations you need to make before departure for a smooth entry into South Korea. Be sure to use the checklist to ensure you haven't missed anything before you leave!


Students from non-visa-exempt countries should enter the country with either a TOURIST visa or a working holiday visa.    

At edm Korean Global Campus, you can take classes with a tourist visa (short-term visit visa of 90 days or less).

We do not handle visa applications on behalf of students. 

Students must apply for visas directly at the Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Korea in their place of residence. 

For the details, check the site https://www.k-eta.go.kr/portal/apply/index.do


Korea experiences distinct four seasons. It's essential to check the weather for the period you plan to visit and prepare accordingly. Generally, spring is mild, summer is hot and humid, autumn offers cool temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius, and winter can be dry and very cold, sometimes dropping below freezing. 

December to March-6 ~ 7℃
April to June16 ~ 19℃  
July to September23 ~ 27℃
October to November11 ~ 19℃

Electrical current


Mobile phone

Ensure that your phone is unlocked to use foreign SIM cards when you plan to use a prepaid USIM card in Korea.


Credit and debit cards that can be used internationally.


Most students typically wear casual and comfortable clothing to the academy. It's a good idea to prepare comfortable attire suitable for the weather. Additionally, having active wear for outdoor activities can be beneficial.


• A passport with a substantial remaining validity period (more than 6 months)

• edm Korean Global Campus registration certificate / LOA 

• Transfer Confirmation letter / Accommodation Confirmation letter


• Travel insurance

• weather-appropriate clothing

• adapter for electrical appliances (220V)

• prescription medication

• mobile phone, laptop or tablet

• emergency information

• flight E-ticket (printed)

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