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Reviews from our students

Olga Kolobikhina (Russia)

I liked that there was a lot of speaking time during the classes, and it was good to have time to talk with friends, so I could make friends.

Florencia Correa Anguita (Chile)

Since we can learn how to use the grammar we've learned in daily life, I feel like I can use it right away when I leave the classroom.

Vance Jordan James (US)

Because we talk a lot during class, I can make friends too. I will come back with friends next year.

Kovalenko Anastasiia (Russia)

It didn't feel like studying because it was so much fun. It felt like playing

Levchenko Valentyna (Ukraine)

We're going to Gyeongbokgung today, and the lesson today was about transportation and directions. I'm going to try to use what I've learned while going there.

Mariia Firsova (Ukraine) 

It was good that there were separate stages for learning Korean sentences. Learning Korean after learning separately made it easier to understand.

Ajrhaida Oumaima (Morocco)

Since they teach the most necessary parts first while living in Korea, it wasn't difficult.

Farbod Maziyar (Iran) 

I like that I can experience Korean culture activities that I can't do alone during activity time. And it's more fun with friends!

Houser Ryan Jesse (US) 

I like the variety of activity activities. Especially, the Dalgona experience is fascinating, delicious, and so much fun!

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