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edm Global Campus is South Korea's largest IELTS specialist education institution (www.edmclass.com), providing classes to approximately 4,300 students annually, including both on-site and online learners. Additionally, it is the only South Korean UAL Foundation education institution officially certified by the UAL Awarding Body (www.hana-edu.co.kr) and offers portfolio courses for students aiming to study abroad in the field of art, with classes provided to approximately 400 students annually (portfolio.edm-art.com).

What make edm Korean Global Campus special?

“What makes edm Korean Global Campus special?”

edm Meet-up, language exchange programme

edm Meet-up! edm is not only one of Korea's most renowned study abroad institutions but has also successfully operated as an IELTS-specialized language school for nearly two decades. We have excelled in both offline and online classes. Drawing on our wealth of experience, we continuously strive to provide effective methods for language acquisition to our students.

At ed:m IELTS, every year over 2,000 students work diligently to achieve their goal of securing a high English language score for their overseas studies. 'edm Meet-up,' our language exchange program, brings together Korean students aspiring to learn English and foreign students eager to learn Korean. It offers a unique opportunity for students with a shared language learning goal to meet and converse in a relaxed and informal setting, promoting a sense of accomplishment.

We meet every Thursday evening, as the week's classes wind down. Here, you can make new friends, enjoy chicken and beer, and engage in diverse conversations. Make good friends in Korea as you explore a variety of discussions!"

We provide equal opportunities for education and experience without discriminating based on race, religion, gender, etc.

edm Education is partnered with the British Council, a quality education center from the UK

We are reputable and accredited organizations with a proven track record of excellence in the education or related sectors. We have passed the British Council's strict partnership conditions and are operating an IELTS test center together.

9 consecutive years of receiving the South Korean Education Brand Award in the IELTS education category

From 2015 to 2023, we have been awarded the title of the best education brand in the IELTS category for nine consecutive years. We have received top-notch evaluations for our courses, as well as our close management, as an officially certified IELTS test center by the British Council.

edm Meet-up, Language exchange program

Our 'Language Fusion' program is designed to bring together Korean students on their IELTS journey and foreign students who are passionate about learning the Korean language. We provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for language enthusiasts to connect, communicate, and expand their horizons.

Korea's only UAL-certified foundation education institution

HANA School of Art, operated by edm, is Korea's sole UAL-certified foundation education institution. Upon completing this course, you will receive a Diploma equivalent to the UAL foundation course in the UK. 

4th floor, 16 Gangnam-daero 84-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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